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11 Kick Ass Ways to Boost Your B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn for B2B marketers is a heaven sent! But it can be challenging to generate leads. That's why I compiled 11 tried and tested ways to boost lead generation on LinkedIn.

1. Add Value Wherever and Whenever You Can

This is the cornerstone of all marketing: you should give more than you receive. Generating Leads always starts with serving others first. The rest of this list of tactics will not matter if you don’t set your mindset to be helpful. In short, your potential client doesn’t want to be sold to, they want to be helped.

2. Share Links to Informative Information (Your Own Or Others)

You should always aim to post on your LinkedIn business or personal page daily. But creating content can be hard, so a solution can me to mix in links to your content (example, your blog) and other people’s articles related to your industry niche. Make sure to always give credit where credit is due by tagging others so they notice your activity. This will help you both add value to your potential clients and fills up your content calendar.

3. Provide Recommendations & Endorse Skills

If you work with a customer closely, consider writing them an in-depth recommendation for their LinkedIn profile. They will, in turn, leave you one and thus boost your credibility. If writing a full-blown recommendation is time consuming, an easy way to gain “brownie points” with a potential customer is to endorse their skills.

4. Be Selfless

A great way to add value is to try your best to help others achieve their goals. Be selfless in the way you help and wait to reap the rewards. Do keep in mind that this isn’t an instant strategy but will eventually pay off.

5. Use LinkedIn ProFinder

If you’ve never heard of or used LinkedIn ProFinder, please take a break and read it all about it here. This tool isn’t used by huge companies and global brands but mainly by consultants and freelancers. However, you can still try it if you have a larger sales team as it can be very helpful in generating leads.

6. Consider the LinkedIn Paid Version

One of the perks of having the paid version of LinkedIn is the ability to see who’s seen your profile. Keep track who’s visiting your page and take the initiative to contact them not just to sell but to See how you can help.

7. Consider the LinkedIn Live Video Option

This isn’t opened to the public yet, however, some high-end profiles and influencers are approved to broadcast live video. If you have some great live content that can help your target customers, apply on the site and even If you don’t get accepted, you can still upload your recorded videos to your profile and post it organically.

8. Add Your In-Depth Articles on LinkedIn (Not Your Website)

Ideally, you should promote your content on LinkedIn and lead people to your website. However, LinkedIn does offer their own long-form blogging platform. If you have excess content you are planning to publish, opt for adding them directly on LinkedIn rather than add them to your website. This will help establish you as an authority in your field with the profile visitors who don’t click to read your content on the website. And since this is on LinkedIn itself, a person browsing is more likely to read it since they don’t have to leave the platform.

As an added measure though, make sure to offer them a CTA to take the next step and visit your site (email sign-up, contact form, etc.)

Also, and this is vital for your Google SEO, make sure you don’t publish the same article in both places.

9. Invest in Targeted LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has a myriad of targeting options which can put your company or brand in front of key decision-makers in your industry. You can target by job titles, locations, industries, age, gender and degrees / universities. Which you decide on will depend on your objectives. The table below can help you decide which type of ad you should start with based several factors including ad setup complexity and budget.

10. Invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The paid version of LinkedIn has some pretty advanced search functions in the Sales Navigator or Recruiter upgrade. If you are looking to fine tune your search for the ideal target market, then this is the solution.

Other than it’s robust searching capabilities, you have several other important features like exporting contact data which you can then use in other forms of marketing like Email and retargeting. Then you can perform manual or automated email outreach to those prospects.

11. Use LinkedIn Chrome Extensions

So, you have the paid version of LinkedIn and you have a full list of potential clients, however, you have their name/title but you don’t have an email address or you have their name and email but not their job title or company name. LinkedIn Chrome extensions can help you complete your data inside of your Chrome browser.

Check out these browser extensions that can help you build a more complete prospect profile:





LinkedIn Lead Extractor


Dux Soup

Lead Leaper