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7 Ways Content Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

Content Marketing Works

There is a great deal of evidence around that content marketing works and can be used to boost your sales. If you have not committed to content marketing before you need to understand that it will take time and effort and more importantly you need to do it right.

You just cannot put anything out there. You need to plan your content strategy and be prepared to change it if it is not working as you want it to. This report will reveal 7 ways that content marketing can boost your sales so let’s get on with it shall we?

1. Create High Quality Content

There are two main reasons why you should create high quality content as part of your content marketing. The most important reason is that your audience will appreciate it and will be a lot more responsive to your sales messages if your content is top notch.

If you publish low quality content then people are not going to take you seriously. They will stop looking at your content and it will be hard for you to recover from this. It is better to publish a small number of high quality content pieces than a large number of low quality ones. Once you put something poor out there you will lose a lot of followers.

The second reason is Google. Over the last few years the world’s largest search engine has become obsessed with quality. Their Panda algorithm change was designed specifically to weed out low quality content. So you are more likely to rank in Google with higher quality content. Why not benefit from free search engine traffic?

2. Provide the right Balance between Value and Sales

So many marketers get this wrong. These days the average person is totally bombarded with advertising. It has gotten to the point where people have learned to tune adverts out. Yet marketers continue to provide sales content to their audiences over and over again. They achieve very few sales and come to the conclusion that content marketing doesn’t work.

You need to create a balance. You need to provide content that educates your audience and add your sales content in with this. Let’s say that you are marketing a method to make money online. You know that the method works because you have been using it yourself and been successful with it.

The problem is that the people that are looking for these kinds of products are likely to be a bit skeptical. For years they have received messages about how easy it is to make money online from a few mouse clicks. They can be rich beyond their dreams in just a few days. This is total hype and you must avoid it.

So what do you do? Well the answer is to add value. There are so many topics that you can create content about to help people make money online. Obviously you do not want to reveal your method for free but you could produce content about:

  • Developing a make money online mindset

  • Ways to get targeted traffic to your offers

  • How to be successful with Facebook Ads

  • How to create a high converting sales funnel

  • How to get subscribers on your email list

  • How to write great copy

And so on.

When you create high quality content for these subjects people that are interested in making money online will quickly become a fan of yours. They will trust you and be a lot more willing to take a look at the products that you have for sale. It is the law of reciprocity. You have helped them so they feel obligated to help you.

So take a good look at the niche that you are in and identify the common problems that people have. One of the biggest problems for online marketers is getting traffic. Even if your product contains a section on this create some content that shows them more ways to do this. Create your content marketing plan around this.

3. Mix Up your Marketing Messages

Do you think that your audience will get fed up with reading or listening to the same marketing messages from you? Of course they will! It should be obvious but so many marketers repeat the same message in their content all of the time.

How can you avoid this? Take a good look at your product or service and identify the different benefits that it provides. If you need help to do this then get it. It is very unlikely that your product or service just has a single benefit.

When you have these benefits you want to use them in a subtle way that does not look like you are advertising. Let’s go back to our make money online product again. You have written a piece about traffic generation and you could say “people that have used the traffic methods from product X report an 80% increase in visitors to their offers”.

You have to mix it up and subtly advertise your product or service. Take time to think about this as it is very important. You want to stand out from your competitors who are bombarding people with the same messages and causing them to switch off.

4. Don’t just Publish Text Based Content

Some people will read every word of your 4,000 word post about traffic generation but a lot won’t. Some will skim through it and pick out the points that are the most interesting for them. Don’t just make text your content marketing strategy.

Videos are a great way to command engagement. You do not have to get in front of the camera but we advise that you do this at least once. Why? Because it is important for your audience to know who you are.

How to videos are always popular. Use a “show and tell” approach to demonstrate particular methods etc. You can record your computer screed using software like Camtasia or Cam Studio and then narrate as you go along.

Infographics are really popular as well and tend to have a more lasting effect than text. It is not easy to make a striking infographic so you should plan it out and then give the job to an expert. Use statistical data to support what you are trying to convey.

Case studies can be very effective. They can be just text and image based or a mixture of text, images and video. You will be telling your audience what you did and the results that you achieved. The more proof you can provide the better.

Add humor into your content marketing with memes. A meme is an image with a humorous caption that is designed to make an impact. Memes are fairly easy to create with a graphics package. Outsource it if you do not have the skills.

5. Choose your Social Channels carefully

Here is something important that you need to know about content marketing: You do not have to have a presence on every social media platform!

It is actually better if you don’t. Trying to maintain several social media channels will be challenging and very time consuming. The key to using the right social media channels is knowing where your audience hangs out.

What age group is your target audience? For 18 – 24 year olds you have to be on Snapchat. For an older generation use Instagram. If you are a B2B seller then you have to be on LinkedIn. It is important that you do not get this wrong.

If you have a wide audience then you will need to have a presence on more social media channels to give you the best chance of capturing all of your market. More and more social media platforms are providing demographic information that you can use to target the right people.

Facebook and Twitter certainly have good analytics for this. Do you need to be on both Facebook and Twitter? Do your homework and find out! If you are on Twitter you will have to post a lot more regularly than on Facebook.

Once you have decided which social media platforms you are going to use then you need to create a content marketing plan for each one. This will help you to reduce the risk of your audience missing out on your messages. Effective content marketing is a lot different for Facebook than it is for Pinterest.

6. Make your Content Interactive

You want to generate as much interaction with your target audience as you can. Post content where you can ask your audience what they think about the information you have published. Ask them specific questions like would they choose A, B or C for example.

You want your audience to post comments on your Facebook posts or your tweets. When this happens you need to react quickly. If they ask a question then answer it honestly. Always thank people for commenting on your content.

Everywhere that you post your content should have the facility for people to comment on it. If your website does not have this feature then use a blog platform like WordPress to provide this. YouTube has this capability as do all of the social platforms. You want to get people talking about you and your niche.

7. Always seek to Improve Engagement

This follows on from the interactive content. If people are commenting then they are engaging. But you want them to do more than that. You want your content to be shared as much as possible.

If you are using Facebook then do not just assume that because you have a certain amount of friends and likes on your Facebook page that people are engaging with your content. It is very easy to like a page and then not read any of the posts made on it.

Use the analytics provided by Facebook to see who is viewing what. If you find that a particular post has been read by a lot of people then you can repurpose this and post it again (or use it on another social media platform).

It is vital that you test to see if your content marketing is delivering the results that you want. People will not buy your products and services directly from social media platforms so you need to get them over to your website. Use the analytics to see if your posts on social media are driving traffic to your site.

Content marketing works if you do it properly. You will boost your sales with a well thought out and executed content marketing plan. If you follow the 7 ways in this report you will not go far wrong. All of these methods have been tried and tested so take action right now and make content marketing drive more sales for you.