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My Favorite LinkedIn Tips, Tried & Tested to Generate More Leads

LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful places for businesses to generate new leads. While most people use LinkedIn as a way to stay in touch with former colleagues and university friends, there is so much more that can be done with the professional networking platform.

Utilizing your existing LinkedIn network is the fastest way for your business to generate new leads and nurture already existing ones.

I’ve personally been using LinkedIn for years to help myself and clients and it’s been instrumental for the both of us. Here are some of the best ways to use LinkedIn to generate more leads, increase authority and gain more followers... tried and tested by me so I know they work.

Prepare for Action

Trying to find a new lead before being fully prepared can ultimately hurt your efforts. To get the most out of LinkedIn, you have to start by optimizing and branding your company profile. The most important thing that you have to consider is your profile picture. This needs to be something that conveys your professionalism and what your company stands for. Then you need to make sure that your company profile, including your biography and contact information, is complete.

Optimize Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be optimized if you are planning on using the platform to connect with people that you don't know. When you create a professional profile with a high-quality picture that showcases your business and include an engaging biography, prospects are going to want to know more.

Publish Content

LinkedIn allows you to publish, and republish content in what they call "Long-Form-Posts." While this strategy might not provide you with the largest audience, it does have the power to give you a very targeted audience of prospects and influencers in your industry. Not only will your post be shared with your contacts and followers, but interested people will also be able to find your content via a search on LinkedIn or other search engines.

Ask Your Current Contacts for Introductions

Most entrepreneurs have no problem asking their friends in real life for contacts or introductions for their business but forget about asking their online connections for the same introductions. To take advantage of the potential leads that you can gain from your current contacts, send them a message explaining your business and ask if they know of anyone that would be interested in what you are selling.

Update Your Company Page

If you want to attract the attention of prospects and increase your leads, then you have to remain active on LinkedIn. This means you have to provide updates about your company daily and deliver high-quality, value-added content on a regular basis. You should also try to add links to outside resources and take advantage of the blog-style news feed to communicate more efficiently with your audience.

Keep Your Company Information Up-to-Date

Many people forget to ensure that their company information is up-to-date. While this should be obvious, you need to make sure that your company contact information is correct, that your company profile and industry match, and that your background information is up-to-date.

Include a Video

In today's fast-paced world, customers and potential clients might not have the time to spend reading through your profile. Adding a quick 30-second video that summarizes your company and the products or services you offer, could help tremendously in creating an attractive and attention-grabbing company profile.

Send Customized Connection Requests

Once you’ve identified the most promising prospects on your list, you’ll need to start sending out personalized requests to connect. Start by reaching out to common contacts and ask them to introduce you. When creating your message, be sure to include how you know the person, what you have in common, or even what you find interesting about the person. The point is, you want to avoid using the boring and generic invitations that LinkedIn provides.

Establish a Method for Following Up

After your connection invitation has been accepted, one of two things will happen. Either the new connection will reach out to you and express an interest in learning more about your company, or they will wait for you to reach out. You'll have to decide on how to move forward. Will you reach out right away, or will you wait for a few days or weeks before following up? The important thing is that you do follow up with the connection that you develop.

Engage with Your Members

The final step for generating more leads with LinkedIn is to start engaging with your audience and then close the sale. You need to pace this step and spend several months building up a rapport with the members of your group. Work to become known as an influencer and industry leader by regularly publishing content.

Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Function

Using the advanced search function in LinkedIn allows you to search for professional skills, affiliations and associations, companies and universities, and public users that individuals follow, including celebrities and influencers. If you know that your target audience holds a professional degree and lives in the United States, you can use the advanced search function to narrow down your prospects to those individuals who fit in those criteria. These connections can be the perfect starting point for reaching out to potential customers.

Take Advantage of Plugins

When you take advantage of the integrated complementary add-ons offered by LinkedIn, the platform can become a powerful lead generation tool for your business. With a number of these add-ons, you gain the ability to send personalized messages to people who have viewed your profile and even tag them as a way to sort your new connections into a list of prospects.

Ask Employees to Post Your Company’s Content

Your employees are the most powerful brand advocates that can share your company’s content and case studies. Data shows that half of all employees already post about their employers on social media, so why not take advantage of this and ask them to share updates about your company.

Make Your Company Discoverable

Search engine optimization isn’t just something you can do to rank higher on Google. It can also be used on LinkedIn to make your company profile more discoverable and to tout your experience. This provides you with the potential to boost the number of opportunities you have to sell your products.

Sponsor Your Most Valuable Content

Utilizing LinkedIn's sponsored updates feature allows you to infiltrate the feeds of members who are most likely to find value in your content. HubSpot, a popular developer, and marketer of inbound marketing software products leveraged the power of LinkedIn's Sponsored Updates to generate 400 percent more leads for their company.

Are you struggling with your company or personal LinkedIn profiles? Do you need help generating leads or establishing yourself as an authority? Contact us to see how we can help!